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adapa presents innovation: The first wax-free candy paper packaging - PaperTwister(re)

With the new PaperTwister(re), which was presented for the first time at Fackpack 2021, the packaging specialists at adapa show how design for recycling and excellent processability can also be harmonised in paper-based packaging concepts. The PaperTwister(re) is the first candy paper completely without wax – bringing along advantages both for the packer and for recycling.

The PaperTwister(re), presented for the first time at Fachpack 2021, is suitable for packaging a wide range of confectionery and can be used on all common twist-wrap machines.

Waxed paper is a long-established packaging material in the confectionery industry. However, in some countries they are not considered recyclable. After extensive development work, adapa is now launching a recyclable solution without wax.
The PaperTwister(re) is not coated with wax as usual but a special impregnation increases the stability and flexibility of the paper. The inside is coated with a release lacquer which prevents the sweets from sticking to the paper, but without negatively affecting the paper recycling process. The PaperTwister(re) also impresses with excellent machinability and a packaging speed of up to 1,800 pieces per minute. With this performance, it is in no way inferior to normal waxed papers.

The first fully recyclable candy paper

PaperTwister(re) is the first twist wrapper that is fully recyclable. Thanks to the specially developed water-soluble impregnation, the paper can be easily recycled in the paper waste. The recycled fibres can also be reprocessed with their impregnation into recycled paper. Currently, the recyclability is being tested by an external institute. Internal pulping tests have already been completed with very positive results.

With the development of the PaperTwister(re), adapa, meets customer demands for packaging materials made from renewable raw materials and recyclability in the paper stream.


About adapa Group

Headquartered in Wiener Neudorf, Austria, and founded in 2012, adapa Group produces innovative, high-quality and made-to-measure packaging solutions for the food, aroma protection, hygiene and pharmaceutical industries. Based on its integrated value chain, from extrusion via printing and laminating to extensive bag and pouch making, the Group currently generates annual sales of around EUR 590 million, making it one of the top European players in the industry. adapa connects approx. 2,200 employees and 23 production plants in Western and Eastern Europe, all of them highly specialised and each of them enjoying technology-leadership status in their own respective fields. Aiming at accelerating the change for a better world through protective packaging solutions, the Group puts sustainability at the core of its business. In 2020, adapa joined the “50 Climate & Sustainability Leaders” initiative and the World Economic Forum’s CEO Action Group for the European Green Deal.