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For a better future: MDO-PE technology expands adapa Films portfolio

Intelligent technologies for sustainable management of natural resources is an established priority in the packaging industry. adapa, a market leader in the recyclable packaging segment, is developing innovative concepts to make the industry even more sustainable. With the acquisition of Termoplast, an Italian specialist for high-tech recyclable films, the adapa Group is expanding its portfolio to include the innovative MDO-PE technology. It enables the production of fully recyclable PE packages that more than fulfil the quality and performance standards of the food production industry.

Lorenzo Barnini, Technical Sales Manager Termoplast, was in charge of developing the CrystalPE technology.

Packaging films with gas barrier properties are often manufactured as composite packages consisting of multiple films. The choice of the single films is extremely important for the combination of different properties. This is also one of the reasons why some of these films are manufactured in house, giving adapa even more control over the value chain.

The recyclable CrystalPE films manufactured using the MDO-PE technology from Termoplast are a valuable addition to the high-quality portfolio of PE and CPP films of the adapa Group. With their special properties, CrystalPE films are a more sustainable alternative to oriented PET films, enabling safe packaging of sensitive foods such as cheese or meat in a recyclable package. “MDO-PE technology is the answer to food production industry and consumer demand for a climate-friendly package that is also suitable for sensitive products. That makes CrystalPE the perfect addition to our value chain”, explains Marek Pawlak, CSO of adapa.

CrystalPE: The resource-saving alternative to PET
Until now high-quality flexible packages have been made primarily using PET/PE or OPA/PE structures, since conventional PE or PP films cannot provide the required degree of mechanical stability and tear resistance. MDO-PE technology is changing this. Lorenzo Barnini, Technical Sales Manager Termoplast, explains: “We developed CrystalPE as a highly heat-resistant and rigid material with excellent printing properties. In addition, the films are more transparent than standard PE films. The brand name, by the way, reflects the special properties of stiffness and transparency.” Especially important for the progress is that, in addition to the standard version with good printability, Termoplast has also developed MDO-PE versions with high barrier properties or exceptionally good sealability. “In a lengthy development process and in close cooperation with our raw material suppliers we continuously refined the properties of the films, and we are proud that our extensive experience acquired over the years now allows us to claim that we have mastery of the process”, the expert concludes. 

Integrated solution from adapa – responsible solutions for every requirement

In cooperation with the R&D department and the converter plants of the adapa Group, the CrystalPE films are laminated against selected films, such as SuperPFC films likewise from the Termoplast product range, to manufacture custom-tailored films. These laminates can easily be processed on standard packaging lines. As a highly transparent and shiny PE film with good printability using all standard printing processes, CrystalPE is also a real eye-catcher at the POS.
This new technology makes it possible for adapa to serve the future-oriented market for mono PE high-end laminates for recyclable packaging with full in-house production, thus enabling the responsible use of raw materials.