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Digital Packaging Trophies for our flexible film prints

adapa gets awarded with two more digital packaging trophies!

adapa wins two digital packaging trophies

For the last 3 years, the French printed packaging magazine Etiq & Pack, has been awarding its Digital Packaging Trophies at its annual Digital Packaging Forum. This year the magazine presented trophies in a total of seven categories: Food, Wine & Spirits, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical / Health, Innovations, Games / Toys, Other. The trophies recognize the quality of work in digital printing, be it on flexible film, paper or cardboard.

At the awards ceremony on Friday 17, January, 2020 in the Salon Etoile Wagram in Paris, the adapa group was awarded the trophy in two categories Food and Other – for the flexible film prints produced at adapa Uni Digiflex in Fontenay le Comte. The fact that our group won two of the seven awards presented clearly confirms the excellence of our know-how and the printing quality at our factory.

The first award, in the category ‘Food, went to a print for Bret's Chips with a grilled bacon flavor. Our customer had chosen digital printing to test the market in a small- volume launch of a new flavor. The printing was produced on an HP 20000 press, in seven colors including a white.
The second award won by adapa came in the category Other and was presented for, a print for Crocktail Kitten cat food. Our customer had chosen digital printing in this case because it was a small production run. The printing was also produced on an HP 20000 press, this time in eight colors including a white.

These trophies are the result of strong teamwork and the trust of our customers, and adapa looks forward to continuing this great success together in the future.