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The EcoString bag - recyclable & biodegradable

The EcoString bag is adapa newest innovation: bags for toiletries and hygiene products - recyclable, biodegradable

EcoString bag

Our newest innovation, the EcoString bag for toiletries and hygiene products, can be made recyclable or  biodegradable, depending on customers wishes. The sustainability concept behind our “rethink” initiative was fully implemented in the development of the EcoString bag. Accordingly, its non-recyclable element – the viscose string – was replaced with a plastic tape made from the film waste generated during the production of the bag. At the same time, the total amount of waste generated during the conversion process was reduced. Although only PE mono film is used in the production process, which makes the bags recyclable or biodegradable, the functionality of the packaging remains the same. In future, the bag will be made of 100% renewable resources.

The EcoString bag can be made in various shapes and can also be adapted to specific product shapes. It can be printed in 10 colors, even on the plastic string, which enlarges the communication space on the bag.

Here you can find more information about our EcoString bag.