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FlexiClose(re) awarded for sustainability

adapa wins German Packaging Award for sustainability


We are pleased to announce, that our innovative top film FlexiClosere has won the German Packaging Award 2018 in the category „sustainability”. The innovative and polyolefin-based top film FlexiClosere unites optimal product protection, consumer convenience and attractive appearance with best recyclability. FlexiClosere also offers excellent machinability for a smooth production process on all common packaging machines.

By its special structure FlexiClosere simplifies the separation in the sorting facilities, to be delivered to the reprocessing treatment. For Polyolefin-based materials there are already extensive recycling options in place, so the film can be reprocessed to a high-quality recyclate, that can perfectly be reused again. With this new development adapa supports sustainable recycling.

For further details about FlexiClosere or the rethink initiative, our approach for sustainability, please contact us:

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