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Golden Flexostar Award for adapa

Golden Flexostar Award for our 6-color print bag!

adapa wins Flexostar Award

adapa Uni wins the golden Flexostar Award for the category "printed laminate". The award-winning product is a 3-sided sealed bag aimed to provide ideal barrier properties for salmon packaging. The excellent printing result consists of a 6-color print including two white, on a OPA / PE support.

The Flexostar Prize is presented annually as part of the Flexographic Printing Congress. This time the event took place on December 12th, 2019 for the 21st time and was held in Toulouse, France.

ATF Flexo is a French association that organizes this congress where an expert jury brings together the best printed products. Their commitment is to further develop flexographic printing on a variety of materials – especially packaging printing. In order to do so they provide inform to the players in the packaging world about the possibilities of the flexographic printing process.