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Online Accelerator Days at adapa

Wiener Neudorf 26.05.2021 - adapa is one of Europe's leading suppliers of highly specialised flexible packaging solutions. The company has made sustainability its core mission - with innovative ideas, optimised technologies and the circular economy in mind, adapa is driving the change in the packaging industry.

adapa Accelerator Days 2021

How does sustainability actually affect the financing of companies and large projects? This is just one of the many questions that will be addressed by packaging industry experts speaking at the Accelerator Days on 8-9 June 2021. With the event, adapa invites you to embark on a shared journey that starts with the idea of the circular economy and defines a more sustainable future as the destination. With the event at the beginning of June, adapa inaugurates its new "Innovation Hub", an online platform for all those interested in flexible packaging. adapa is not only inviting customers and future customers to participate, but everyone who is interested in change and innovation in the packaging industry.

Actively driving change - not waiting for official deadlines

With the Accelerator Days, adapa calls on their participants not to let important topics of the future come to them, but to proactively deal with them and use them for their own benefit at an early stage. You can expect exciting talks on current topics, such as which guidelines exist with regard to the recycling of packaging, and also the financing of companies, which trends can be expected here and how to stay up to date. The term “circular economy” is on everyone's lips. What starting points does adapa and its network see and how can customers already make a contribution to a better future? For example, through CSR activities, which incidentally also benefit the team spirit? And what potential lies dormant in digital printing and how can it be used?

Product innovations from monomaterials and paper 

The digital event will be rounded off by the presentation of various packaging innovations made of monomaterials and paper. But the classics, without which everyday packaging would be unimaginable, will not be neglected either. Not only the invited speakers will be available to answer questions, but also adapa' experts from the areas of sales, sustainability and product management. Interested parties can register at accelerator days | adapa.

Wiener Neudorf, May 26th 2021.

Markus Petzl

Vivian Loftin