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Reliable IWS packaging for sandwich cheese slices

The process of packing individually wrapped slices (IWS) of sandwich cheese is highly demanding for packaging films. Our adapa experts explain what is so special about this process and how it can be mastered.

Sandwich cheese slices packed reliably by adapa

Processed cheese slices packed "in flight": ProPeel-IWS from adapa for high-performance flow-pack applications

The flow-wrap films for individual wrapping of processed cheese slices from the adapa Group are true high-performance films: The ProPeel-IWS (Individually Wrapped Slices) films combine low material thickness with high puncture and tear resistance and allow for maximum speeds on vertical flow-pack lines from common manufacturers.

IWS - a highly sophisticated cheese packaging


ProPeel-IWS - perfectly suited for hot fill applications

The multi-layer, coextruded polypropylene films ProPeel-IWS are extremely heat-resistant with a high melting point of up to 165 °C. This makes them ideal for hot filling. In sophisticated flow-pack machines, the film is formed into a tube into which hot processed cheese mass is continuously dosed vertically at the approximate temperatures of 80 to 85 °C.

The strong advantages of ProPeel-IWS include its specially developed sealing layer, which allows for maximum packing speeds. The high mechanical stability of the films (tensile strength, stiffness, low elongation) achieves excellent machine runability as well as optimal puncture and tear resistance to ensure process-reliable production. ProPeel-IWS combines a reliable seal with good opening properties and excellent release for individual removal. The transparent films have a credible, high-quality appearance and offer outstanding printing capabilities. Reliable properties are ensured by adapa's quality assurance through optical inspection in the manufacturing process, combined with intensive tests and quality controls in the laboratory.

High performance in application

After the film has enclosed the hot product, it is pressed into slices, reliably sealed in a fraction of a second and then cut, either in a hot or cooled state, depending on the type of system. adapa's range of standard films for this application is tailored to individual specific customer requirements. For example, the coefficient of friction of the film surface can be adjusted - A somewhat rougher film structure ensures safe transport of stacked discs through the line, while a particularly smooth film surface ensures maximum performance when ejecting the discs. Process speeds of up to 1,100 units per minute can be achieved due to the high mechanical stability of the material.

Smooth cheese release is key for consumers









Dramatic reduction in material usage with rethink initiative

As part of its rethink initiative, adapa is continuously reviewing and optimising existing products with an aim to achieve ongoing greater sustainability. With ProPeel-IWS, adapa has succeeded in drastically reducing the material thickness for flow-pack hot-filling. The films are successfully used in low thicknesses between 25 and 20 µm. This not only saves up to 20 per cent on material and protects resources. At the same time, the particularly thin film ensures greater efficiency in production, as each film roll contains more metres and thus shortens the line's downtimes for reel changes. In addition, users experience less product and packaging material waste when restarting the line. Finally, more metres per roll optimise logistics for instance - transport and storage.

"With the extremely thin yet high-performance ProPeel IWS films, we have achieved perfection in vertical flow-pack hot-filling. We are proud to be able to offer our customers such a reliable film," explains Leif Elenius, TQM Manager / Product Developer at adapa Group.


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