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We put health and safety first – for our people and our processed goods

The staff, partners and supporters of adapa Group have been going the extra mile since the spread of COVID-19 to secure a healthy environment and the stable supply with essential goods across Europe.

adapa ABR - picture taken before the outbreak of COVID-19

It’s the people, who make the difference – thank you all for these joint efforts. Being part of the critical infrastructure, all our production facilities across Europe have been up and running in high intensity, throughout the previous months without any day of COVID-19 related shut down. Our 1,900 employees are dedicated to contribute to the constant supply of precious food and pharmaceutical products. We secure all supply by raised stocks on raw material and established back-up solutions across Europe and globally. Daily monitoring and risk assessment beside all preventive hygiene measures guarantee a secure working environment.

We will continue to manage all upcoming challenges and follow all safety measures in the months to come – the health & safety of our people at adapa as well as of our partners and suppliers will still be in the center of our activities. We deeply appreciate the trust of our partners and customers in our collaboration in extraordinary times like these and want to express a deep thank you for all the efforts made together with our teams.

These challenging times show how the success of the Group is shaped by its holistic approach of communication, monitoring and handling the situation with care. And most and foremost: putting the people first.