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Purpose & Values



We are the accelerator of change for a better world through protective packaging solutions.


Our corporate values

We give trust that everyone is doing their utmost to meet our expectations with openness, respect, fairness, empathy and integrity. We earn trust by living up to the expectations of our partners. Every single day. On every scale, small and large.

Continuous Improvement
We always challenge ourselves and the world around us in striving for a better future. Key drivers of continuous improvement are empowerment of learning and allowing people to make mistakes and learn from it. In short: we are ready to leave our comfort zone.

Accountability & Reliability
Accountability is about acting responsibly and taking ownership. For us, it is important to consider others and involve them when taking responsibility. Reliability means being committed, doing what we say and saying what we do. To the customer – and to ourselves. 

Adaptability to a changing world
We are open-minded, flexible and courageous. We proactively anticipate change, support and drive it. We have an impact on our shared new reality.

We consider it vital to protect this wonderful world for generations to come – with our packaging solutions. To this end, we start with ourselves by striving for sustainability in all aspects of operations. We assess and evaluate our entire impact and resource use.

Team Spirit
We truly live team spirit, working towards a common goal through effective collaboration and active participation. In this way, many “me‘s“ form one large “we“.