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rethink Initiative


At adapa, we rethink existing packaging solutions in collaboration with our customers to develop more sustainable alternatives. We offer our clients a full-service, holistic concept within the context of this initiative, including consultation, conception, material development as well as process implementation. This is designed to enhance the sustainability of our clients’ packaging range and still fulfil the highest product protection standards.

We succeed in creating innovative packaging solutions with the help of our 5R approach.

THE 5R PROGRAMME supporting our 4P approach


Reduction – Ultra-thin and lightweight films

Innovative research and development are the key to thinner, lighter packaging solutions that still offer high quality and guarantee excellent protective functionality. Additionally, we concentrate on downgauged packaging solutions which are simultaneously recyclable. The notion of reduction is also a core element enabling us to optimise the resources needed during production. Our starting point is efficiency in our production processes as well as efficient energy and waste treatment. This holistic approach throughout every single step in our daily work is the most sustainable way to reduce our carbon footprint. Reducing the use of plastic materials requires a high level of technical expertise because the protection of goods and consumers must be ensured and the finished packaging material has to be processed easily on existing customer packaging lines. Nonetheless, the reduction potential, particularly by flexible packaging, is enormous if compared to other alternatives available on the market. Up to 58 kilogramme of products can be packed and protected with only one kilogramme of flexible film. This comprises a real benchmark amongst packaging solutions.

Renewal – Keep balance

The resources of our planet are finite and must be preserved. To keep our planet’s ecosystem in balance, we must guarantee the regeneration and renewal of materials removed from the system. Therefore, we focus on raw materials that do not overexploit our planet, for instance using certified paper made from sustainably managed forests or substituting fossil based polymer raw materials with renewable ones. Our R&D team  is constantly expanding our portfolio made of renewable material.

ReplaceMENT – Development of new materials

We want to replace conventional materials with new and innovative ones, including the use of alternative input materials to reduce the amount of virgin plastic per packaging unit while considering its recyclability at the same time. We also work towards replacing rigid packaging with flexible packaging, and continue to introduce new, innovative packaging concepts instead of the conventional ones. This allows us to reduce material per unit, yet maintain the highest level of protection.

Recycling – Create a circular economy

We aim to make raw materials in packaging films recyclable to fully use their benefits and keep them in the closed loop cycle. As part of the “Design for Recycling” concept, we offer packaging solutions which are recyclable in line with valid regulations and standards. We invest heavily in the research and development of flexible packaging materials to make the recycling process easier and thus support a circular economy. We already offer a recyclable alternative for our consumer goods markets. By 2025, all our products for the food industry will be either recyclable, reusable or compostable and/or be produced from renewable feedstocks.

Responsibility – society, environment, and economy

Responsibility is more than a single pillar — it is THE foundation of our business. We take responsibility for our products, our Company and for the people we work with. We are committed to sustainability in all of our Group’s activities, in our production as well as our collaboration process. Keeping a balanced ecosystem in mind, we continuously work on clever approaches to reduce the environmental impact of our products. We do so in close cooperation with our stakeholders — every single day, in every step of our work.